safety and health policy related to covid-19

At Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, we are continuously monitoring the development of COVID-19 in Bali, Indonesia and around the world as our number one priority is the well-being, health and safety of our guest and team members. In order to secure just that, we have set up procedures, plans and routines, so that all our guests can feel safe when staying at or visiting our hotel.

Our Policy
We are following the latest guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and are in contact with both local and national government. All staff have been trained in the correct protocols and procedures to ensure guests’ safety and we have confidence in their abilities. At Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, hygiene and cleanliness are always our top priority.

What we do at our hotel for securing the safety of our guest & employees:

  1. Information about the hotel’s safety and health policy related with Covid-19 is available continuously in the hotel information media including in the in-room TV channels.
  2. The hotel has installed acryllic barrier at the reception desk to ensure physical distance. Portable hand-washing facilities were built in various outdoor areas especially the entrance areas. Various signages are placed at the lobby and public areas to ensure physical distances and recommendation to wear face mask.
  3. Temperature checks on arrival for our guests and all hotel staff. Anyone who registers a temperature below 35°C and above 37.5°C will not be permitted to enter the premises and will be escorted to the house clinic for further observation. A second check after 5 minutes will be performed and the person referred to the nearest clinic if the temperature remains invaried.
  4. An Emergency Response Team will assist the guest with Covid-19 symptoms according to the official protocol by the government. The team also keeps the official contact information about local health facilities that take care of COVID-19 cases.
  5. Hand sanitizers (pump bottles) are placed at several critical locations, including security check point, reception counter, restaurant entrances and spa.
  6. We have installed several hand washers with soap and fresh water.
  7. All employees fill out a self declaration health form on a daily basis.
  8. Guests must complete the Health Declaration Form during check in.
  9. Face mask for guests are available upon requests. We encourage all guests to wear mask in the lobby area and other public spaces.
  10. Employees with direct guest contact are required to wear masks and practice social distancing to avoid direct physical contact including shaking hands.
  11. Guests luggage is sprayed with disinfectant during storage and handling.
  12. A rigorous cleaning protocol, requiring that surfaces are treated with hospital-grade disinfectants with increased frequency is in place in all public spaces, including elevator call buttons.
  13. All surfaces in guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants.
  14. Kitchens and other operational tools are also continuously sanitized.
  15. Food handling is controlled by our in-house certified Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) specialist.

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