Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Celebrates its 33rd Years Anniversary with Dedication, Gratefulness and Contribution to Others


Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Bali, which is managed by Discovery Hotels and Resorts, is celebrating its 33rd years anniversary on October 20, 2023. This milestone celebration highlighted by a series of social events known as “Bulan Bakti” (Social Service Month), this CSR program under the coordination of Artha Graha Peduli (AGP) are a form of gratitude for this hotel to God almighty and the universe, where tourism life in Bali has returned to normal after experiencing a crisis due to the pandemic for the previous three years. This social activity also aims to express gratefulness and made a constructive contribution to the hotel staff, hotel guests, TNI, POLRI agencies and stake holders who have provided support and assistance to the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel.

All Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel staff are participated in this Bulan Bakti event together with Artha Graha Peduli, which begins with;


33rd YEARS ANNIVERSARY This blood donation event together with the TNI & PMI was held in the hotel ballroom on October 3, 2023. This activity was also held to commemorate the TNI’s anniversary, October 5 2023, when AGG staff (Artha Graha Group), media partners, and the local community joined the TNI (Korem 163 Wirasatya) in donating blood to help others.

“The DKPH anniversary celebration, which began with social service activities, is a manifestation of our gratitude to the community, particularly Kuta, to our guests who have always supported us, to our employees who have been fighting alongside us, to the government and the state apparatus, particularly the TNI, who have always supported us, and to God Almighty and the Universe who have always looked after us.”

On the occasion of the TNI’s anniversary, we would like to express gratitude to Korem 163 Wirasatya for their participation in this blood donation event, where we are confident that we will always be strong if the TNI is united with the people. On the opening speech, Pandu Djojoadisoeprapto remarked, “TNI Patriot of the Republic of Indonesia, Guardian of Democracy for Future Indonesia”.

“We would like to express our thanks to PMI, media friends and all blood donor participants who have supported this event, we hope that a drop of blood donated can help provide life and become a field for charity and become a real manifestation of caring and sharing,” added Pandu.


Saturday, October 7, 2023. Under Artha Graha Peduli, all hotel staff participated in a Fun Walk along the Kartika Plaza-Kuta route and the Kuta beachfront. This morning’s exercise includes activities to care for environmental cleanliness as well as activities to preserve body wellness. All personnel pick up plastic waste around Kuta’s main roads and coasts with a caring mindset. This fun-walk ends in the back yard of the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, which is known as the “beach gate,” where the practice of releasing hatchlings (little sea turtles) and birds continues.

The hotel collaborated with Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Bali in carrying out the hatchling release event this time, the release was carried out by the hotel management together with guests and invitees. This activity was also attended and witnessed by the Bali KSDA (Natural Resources Conservation) service which donated 100 birds to be released into the wild in the hotel area. Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel’s collaboration with Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation aims to help preserve the existence of turtles in the Kuta area, where there are still many turtles that lay their eggs along Kuta beach.

Therefore, someone has to care, someone has to look after them so that they can always be monitored and guarded until the eggs hatch and the little turtles can return to the open sea safely. The type of turtle that will be released into the wild in this activity is the Olive Ridley turtle or Olive Ridley in English.


33rd YEARS ANNIVERSARYThursday, October 12, 2023. CSR of Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, in collaboration with Arthakes, an organization run by Artha Graha Peduli, is once again carrying out social activities at the Kuta Cleanliness Service, delivering health education and low-cost basic necessities. This activity was held exclusively for all city cleaning personnel as a thank you for their services in keeping the Kuta region and its surroundings clean. They have received free health examinations from the Arthakes team of doctors, as well as essential requirements at reduced pricing. We are building a healthy society for a developed Indonesia by working together.


33rd YEARS ANNIVERSARYThe next series of social activities will be carried out on October 13 2023. This planting mangrove trees which will be carried out in the Telaga Waja mangrove area, Benoa, Bali. Together with the Bali Mangrove Care Forum, Artha Graha Peduli and the TNI cleaned the beach and planted 33 mangrove tree seedlings. Mangrove trees that live in brackish water or sea water habitats are very important for coastal ecosystems and prevent sea water erosion or abrasion, because their roots can bind and build soil density. In line with Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel’s 33rd anniversary, we planted 33 mangrove trees in the area as a symbol of the anniversary celebration. Safe Mangrove, Safe Earth.


Friday, October 20, 2023. Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel’s anniversary celebration was held in the lobby of the Sunset Bar & Lounge hotel in a simple way, full of wisdom and gratitude. The event began with a group prayer which was then continued with the procession of cutting the yellow rice cone and birthday cake. This event invites hotel guests, media partners, company guests and representatives of business owners. The event was opened by traditional Balinese dancing from talented employees and welcoming remarks from the hotel GM, Mr. Luis Daniel Garcia.

“Thank you to the entire hotel team for their dedication and hard work so far. This hotel’s anniversary is proof of our success together. Continue to provide the best service!”, said Mr. Luis.

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