Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel “31&BEYOND”

Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel "31&BEYOND"

(October 2021, Bali) The 31st anniversary of Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel is getting more and more lively. In reaching this age is not an easy journey, many joys and sorrows that have been successfully passed since this hotel was founded. The 1998 monetary crisis, Bali bombing, even during this pandemic which forced many businesses to close but Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel remains open with one strong reason to maintain the existence of tourism in Bali.

The quiet situation due to this pandemic has also been put to good use by Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel by making several repairs, renovations and rejuvenation of the facilities. We do it so that the hotel is ready to welcome the return of tourism to Bali, both domestic tourists and foreign tourists later. “We are always open all this time, never closed at all solely to maintain the existence of tourism in Bali and we also use the momentum of this pandemic to clean up, we repair our rooms, restaurants, lobby and other operational support facilities so that later when guests come we are ready” said Abigail Hotel Marketing & Communication Manager.

“Moreover, the current vaccination rate in Bali is already high, it reaches more than 70 percent for the second dose, this is our capital to be ready to provide the best service when tourists start coming to Bali. In addition, our hotel is CHSE certified, we always run the health protocol with discipline every day and we have also implemented the PeduliLindung application so that it can provide security and comfort to all guests who come,” added Abigail.

In this special month, Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel presents a lot of interesting promos, starting with the Flash Sale 10.10 promo which has invited a lot of enthusiasm from our loyal customers, then in order to enliven our 31st Anniversary with the theme “31&BEYOND” Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel launched 5 special promos; Flash Sale IDR 310,000/room/night, Korean BBQ (Family Picnic Package) IDR 310,000/net, Pool Package IDR 31,000/net, 31% discount a’la carte menu at The Pond Restaurant, and shopping package IDR 31,000/net for Sunset Lesehan at Tupai Bar.

Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel also held a #DKPH31stBirthday giveaway contest with 9 vouchers to stay at Deluxe Pool View and 3 vouchers to stay at Grand Deluxe Ocean Front for a total of 12 winners on 3 different social media.

And right on Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel’s birthday, Wednesday 20th of October 2021, the management symbolically planted 31 shoots of coconut trees in the hotel garden with the hope that Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel will always grow well so that we can continue to give our best contribution to the Indonesian nation, especially tourism in Bali.

“The meaning of the coconut tree shoots that we plant is our prayer or goal so Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel with the impression of being “reborn” can become a hotel that can always provide broad benefits for Indonesian nation, especially for tourism in Bali which is currently in difficult times, and we believe this storm will pass, when everything gets better we are ready to give our best…” said Pandu Djojoadisoeprapto Hotel General Manager in charge.

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