Discover the Truly Balinese Heritage

Discover Truly Balinese Heritage - Barong Dance

Bali, known as the “Island of God”, the culture and the traditions are still the most preserved until today. The extraordinary experience starts from its beauty traditions, unique art and the mesmerizing nature. One of the most interesting and famous traditions in Bali is the Balinese dance that will discover the truly Balinese heritage.

Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel proudly presents the famous Barong and Kecak dance performance. The rare performance to find in Kuta area. The performance can be found at The Pond restaurant every Wednesday and Friday starting at 7pm. With unique wide terrace concept, The Pond restaurant beautifully surrounded with the fish pond, which the Barong and Kecak dance can freely perform in front of the guest while they are enjoying the dinner.

Barong dance is one of the original dances in Bali and finds its origin in the ancient of Balinese mythology. The dance represented by a prominent character of a lion, regarded as the king of the spirits who represents the good spirit. The movements of the dance are closely associated with the rhythms produced by the Gamelan, a musical ensemble specific to Bali and Java.

Kecak DanceAnother beautiful Balinese dance that performed to accompany the dinner is Kecak dance. The dance uses no artificial backdrop and no musical instruments for almost the whole performance. The Kecak is simply accompanied by the chanting of the chorus of men representing a continuously intoning “Cak! Cak! Cak!” in polyrhythmic sound. The dance performed by more than dozen dancers and has correlation with the Balinese beliefs, where the religion of Hinduism developed the story of Ramayana.

To catch the dinner and the performance at The Pond restaurant, please visit our website for reservations and make sure you won’t miss the Barong and Kecak dance performance!

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