Beach Cleaning Discovery Kartika Plaza Bali

Beach Cleaning Discovery Kartika Plaza Bali

Beach Cleaning activities for supporting our environment and neighborhood have been a mission and vision of Artha Graha Peduli together with Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Bali since a long time ago. Hotel that managed by Discovery Hotels & Resorts believe this activity brings great impact to life. We together as a volunteer to be part of this positive activity.

Recently we organized a regular beach clean-up in front of our hotel beach area and move further to Kuta Beach to remove the waste and plastic pollution along the seashore. This activity highlighted that participating in voluntary beach cleaning can be beneficial in terms of improved positive energy and well-being. It was often carried out with a lot of participation from the government and volunteers.

At the same time, our volunteer staff also supported the health screening for elder people which took place at Banjar Adat Segara, the theme of “Lansia & Posyandu” with the tagline “Senam dan Penyuluhan Kesehatan”. The program is basically to check the health condition of elderly people and also to invite them to do the exercise safely under the supervision of our doctors. Even if it’s just a light exercise or activity, it can improve strength, balance, and psychological health.

The purpose of both activities is to develop constructive mindsets and behavioral habits that will make our environment and neighborhood better in the future.

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