Cleaning Blitz for Better Environment

Cleaning Blitz

Artha Graha Peduli and Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel recently continue the Cleaning Blitz program to initiate from litter and trash along the coast. The vision and mission of the program is to accomplished the important guidance about keeping the beach area clean and to reduce beach and marine pollutants.

As we know, beach visitors leave their litter behind on the beaches after activities, or during windy season the trash will carried to the coast. Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel formed a small voluntary group of hotel employee who gathered in the early morning and start to clean the beach in front of hotel area. This activity is to create meaningful mindset and behavior pattern to make our environment better.

“We should continue doing this positive activity. From arrangement of small group every month or week, it will continue give the impact of each person behavior to be more aware about the environment, especially on the beach area. Hopefully the beach cleaning program can be held once a week”, said Ririn, one of the volunteer employee of Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel.

The few ways that we can all do to participate on beach cleaning on daily life is to bring the trash bag, reduce the plastic use, pick up the litter when you see it around, be the volunteer at cleaning environment program and don’t forget to spread the word. We are all agreed that the awareness start from one person, then can bring the impact to other people around. Cleaning the beach also improved costal and ocean ecosystem.

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